Meet our dedicated

MelLink Team

Mr Linh Nguyen

Student Counsellor - QEAC D335 | RMA 0849098

Linh, an international student alumnus of Swinburne University (2004), holds a Graduate Certificate in Australian Law and Practice from Victoria University. As a counselor since 2007 and registered migration agent since 2008, his unique perspective stems from his own international student journey. Passionate about Australia and its education system, Linh's exceptional knowledge of complex migration laws drives MelLink's pursuit of excellence.

Mrs Hanh Nguyen

Student Counsellor - Regional Manager

In 2016, Hanh became an integral part of the MelLink team, enriching the company with her remarkable expertise in marketing and management. Prior to joining, she had honed these skills in the healthcare sector. Hanh holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Trade from Foreign Trade University in Ha Noi, Vietnam. Her diverse background and proficiency contribute significantly to our collective efforts.

Mr Trung Pham

Marketing Representative

Trung's background includes being a former English language educator at multiple colleges in Vietnam. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language from Hanoi University for Teachers of Foreign Languages. Trung's journey with us began in 2015 when he joined as a student counsellor, infusing the team with his profound educational knowledge. As of 2018, he transitioned into a marketing representative role, further amplifying our capabilities.

Ms Tien Nguyen

Managing Partner - FCPA

Tien, a distinguished alumnus of Swinburne University, also holds the prestigious title of FCPA (Fellow Certified Practising Accountant), denoting an acknowledged expert with unparalleled experience in accounting and finance, as defined by CPA Australia. Beyond her exceptional qualifications, Tien is a dynamic leader, infusing the MelLink team with unwavering energy and motivation. Her guidance is invaluable, steering the team through its most challenging moments.

Ms Thu Nguyen

Student Counsellor

Thu holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from Vietnam National Economics University. A key member since MelLink's inception, she is one of our most senior team members. Thu's impressive tenure of 14 years in Australian education and international student counseling speaks volumes about her expertise. Her profound understanding encompasses all aspects of the journey to study in Australia.

Mr Hung Do

IT Manager - Support Officer

Having joined our team in 2015, Hung infused the company with his remarkable personal educational journey, exceptional communication skills, and expertise in digitalization. He oversees student support, information systems, e-marketing, and graphic design. Hung holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Additionally, he possesses a Master of Engineering (Honours) and a PhD in a related field, both from Swinburne University.

Mr Nathan Tran

Student Counsellor - QEAC F279 | RMA 0962772

Nathan joined MelLink in 2008. His qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Australian Law and Practice (Victoria University) and a Bachelor of Information Systems (Swinburne University of Technology). Being a former international student and having had substantial experience in Australian education, Nathan's knowledge is impeccable. He is currently practising both as a registered migration agent and a qualified education agent counsellor.

Mr Andy Huy Quach

Marketing Representative - QEAC G023

Andy is an exceptionally skilled team player, known for his remarkable proficiency in marketing and Australian education. He is an alumnus of Swinburne University, holding a Bachelor's degree in Business. His combination of academic achievement and practical expertise makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Mr Luan Nguyen

Marketing Representative

Luan holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language from Hanoi University of Foreign Language. With an impressive background, he boasts 19 years of experience in business administration and a decade dedicated to Australian education. Initially joining MelLink as a student counsellor, Luan has since transitioned into a marketing representative role. His extensive expertise adds immense value to our team.

Mr Mai Nguyen

Student Counsellor - Support Officer

With a robust background, Mai brings 6 years of prior experience in project management from a Japan-owned software development firm, complemented by 3 years in student support with an Australian education provider. Joining MelLink in 2017, she is widely recognized for her adeptness in problem-solving, strong communication abilities, and effectiveness. Mai holds a Bachelor's degree in Oriental Studies from Vietnam National University (Hanoi) and enriched her academic journey as an exchange student at Senshu University in Japan. Presently, she is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Ms Ngoc Nguyen

Student Counsellor - Support Officer

Having joined MelLink in late 2019, Ngoc brought with her a skillset honed as a reporter and English translator, which holds immense value in the realm of international education. Ngoc plays a pivotal role by providing counseling services to prospective students while also making noteworthy contributions to MelLink's marketing content.